I Am Voices

We work together to help women achieve inner peace, recover from trauma, and inspire them to get back on their feet.

I AM VOICES INC. is a woman, minority and survivor led, 501(c3) organization serving South Carolina, dedicated to providing housing and supportive services to women, who has experienced sexual assault or human trafficking.

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To provide safety, assistance, and transitional housing to women victims of sexual assault or human trafficking.


To live in a world where every female victim of sexual assault or human trafficking has access to safety, assistance, and transitional housing.

Now is the time to act.

Human trafficking continues to plague communities across South Carolina with over 182 recorded cases of Human trafficking in 2021. The number of children and adolescents identified as victims are rising at an alarming pace.


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We opened the Blooming Flower Residential Program March 2021. We are here to help buds find their voice, process their trauma, develop life skills, find stable employment, learn money management, build up their confidence and self-worth, and give them support and encouragement. We are there to show that someone cares, and someone will look out for their best interest.

Our Programs

Blooming Flower Residential Program

Provides innovative, hands-on help with housing, life skills, job placement, transportation , financial literacy, therapy, safety and support.

Blossom Supportive Services

Collaborates with community partners to offer a comprehensive array of supportive resources.


Blooming Voices Outreach Program

Extends our mission beyond direct support to survivors, reaching out to communities and individuals to raise awareness and provide crucial assistance