About Us

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Founder Megan Manigaul’s advocacy is grounded in a lifetime of personal experience. As a survivor of sexual abuse and trafficking, she founded I AM VOICES, Inc. in 2017. This nonprofit provides housing and services to survivors in SC and advocates through workshops and campaigns in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2021, Megan launched the Blooming Flower Residential Program in North Charleston, SC, offering comprehensive support in housing, life skills, job placement, education, and therapy.

Honored with awards like the YWCA "What Women Bring?" 2023 Award and "Megan Manigault Day" by South Carolina, Megan's journey exemplifies compassion and courage. Through I AM VOICES and her seven books, she continues to empower survivors, fostering a community of healing and hope for all to bloom and thrive.


In South Carolina, studies have shown that 1 in 4 women coming out of the foster care system will find themselves homeless or pregnant within a year. The national average is 1 out of 5. 


Over 1/3 of them report no stable employment under the age of 21. And those over 21 often find employment in bars and dance clubs. South Carolina allows them to stay in the system until age 21, but many are so frustrated and burned-out that they flee at age 18, desperate for a better life.


That’s where I AM VOICES has come in.


We have served over 300 girls and women through programs, trainings, group sessions, services, and workshops.

Core Values

I AM VOICES is dedicated to respecting, protecting, and supporting the women that pass through our doors.



We are compelled to show empathy to others.



We are determined to meet the needs of others.



We are diligent in our efforts.



We are resilient servants.